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Audi RS4 – Swissvax and Divine Treatment

February 28th, 2010

Another car passing through the FinerDetails unit for another Swissvax and Divine wax treatment.

Some befores of a gorgeous example with just 8.5k on the clock!

Washing and claying.

If you are following most of my threads on here you will see I have the same routine, and pretty much same product and euipement for every job.

First job engine bay with APC at 10:1 and fine brush.
Then all shuts, fuel filler with same gear.
Next wheels, using bright wheels at 5:1 and the vikan brush and also the soft short one for wheel fronts.
Next up a good snow foam layer, and washed with mitts and buckets with grit guards.
The car is then rinsed off, and then clayed using (on this occasion) swissvax Paint rubber and lub.
Another rinse off, and then then on the wash bay using cobra guzzlers and the 500w blower for shuts, doors, grilles and wheels.

Some pics of that little lot in action:

Once the car was all dry it was moved over onto my lift, and then had all the plastics and grilles covered and protected.

The reason for going to such lengths is I knew the RS paint would be super rock hard and FCP would be coming out. I hate the dust ruining my clean door shuts, and polish dust is one of my ‘kick offs!’ so it was prevention rather than cure!

No surrpises, after a test section, and hoping 3m extra fine might get the swirls, out came the FCP!!!



Having the lift gives me a massive advantage of being able to easily see and work on the lower sections of the car, not just saving my energy for the work, but also allowing me to put greater time into these areas not wasting time moving round, crawling round the floor or moving equipement etc.

Once all side panels and front and rear bumpers were complete I moved onto the flat surfaces, working N/S/F round the car and back to O/S/F

this rountine works well in the unit with the ramp, as I now have the habit of polishing front bumper, drivers wing, round the car to the passenger front wing, then lowering the car down, and working half the bonnet, half roof, boot, then same back up the drivers side. This gives me a nice one trip round the car, and back again routine.

With all the FCP work done, time to drop a pad grade, and move to swissvax cleaner fluid pro, also removing panel edge tape, and badge coverings.

I then applied the first coat of Divine wax, and left that to cure whilst I got stuck into the other duties;

end of my first 12 hours, and next layer of divine added and left to cure overnight, with the previous day’s car pulled through and sat waiting ready for collection:

Swissvax cleaner
Swissvax leather milk
Swissvax leather brush
henry and george
vue glass polish

Then the second layer of Divine was removed and all checks completed.

car sat waiting to be collected in just teh natural and units lighting:

Having so much space to work in is amazing, and being able to let the waxes not just cure, but cure through in a dry environment really makes a huge difference to the end results and the durability.

thank you for reading


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