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New Car Protection Detail

August 26th, 2010 Comments off

Welcome to an example of a New Car being detailed and protected to retain that new look, and help guard from the elements, both on the exterior, and the interior.

First some pictures showing the car when it arrived at the finerDetails workshop in Rochdale, near Manchester.

The first task for Iain is to start cleaning the wheel arches and wheels:

Next the paintwork is given a throough rinse before applying a thick layer of snowfoam.  Iain uses the foam as its the most effective way to wash the car, and also provides a thick layering to help prevent any swirling of the paintwork:

Next the whole car is ‘clayed’.  Clay bars are used to remove contaminants boned to the surface which washing alone will not remove.  Even new cars need this to be fully prepped ready for the next stage!

After claying, the car is then dried using ultra plush drying towles and air guns to remove any trapped water.

Once dried and checked, the car is moved over to the ramp area where it is machined polished with a cleansing polish.  This is completed to remove any marking from the clay bar stage, and also to fully prepare the paintwork and shine ready for protection.

The protection layer is then added to the paintwork, in this case the customer chose to upgrade to Iain’s sealant.  The sealant will provide around 12 months protection from one application.

The windows are also sealed too

and the wheels:

before removing to a high gloss:

Interior carpets are protected with a fabric guard:

and leather seats also sealed and protected with a specialised leather sealant:

It then just remains for Iain to complete the finishing touches:

and present your finsihed new car, protected and looking its best ready for you to collect.

Thank you for reading Iain’s example of a new car protection detail.  Costs range from £150 to £250 depending on services required. 

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Ford Focus RS – Swissvax Divine Detail

August 24th, 2010 Comments off

This Ford Focus RS came to me for a Swissvax Divine Detail, taken over two days, wheels removed and two layers of Divine applied.

Some pictures of a very nicely kept car when it arrived:

As always, first task would be getting it washed.  As the wheels would be removed, I didn’t waste my time cleaning them on the car, just straight into bonnet, engine and shuts:

a good snowfoaming:

and brushing all panel gaps, badges, edges etc:

once washed, and rinsed, time to clay bar the car:

then another rinse down before drying it off:

and blowing out all the shuts, engine bay etc:

then with the car safely sat on its jacking points, and the nuts lossened, its up into the air to have all four wheels safely removed whilst the car sits stable on my lift:

wheels removed, kept in pairs and laid on rubber matting for their protection:

I then finsihed up the wheel arches:

before starting the intial clean on the alloy inners:

once all four inners were clean, then clay bar all four inners:

then start all over on the fronts:

and once complete, stood up ready to be fitted back on the car:

the hubs being coppered up prior to the alloys being fitted:

and the arches all dressed and ready to go:

caps and badges lined up and alloy locking nut all in line:

With the wheels sat tight, it was then time to start some paint correcting.  As this is a full detail with so many aspects, I have chosen to not take a correction picture for every panel of the car as I felt this would be inappropriate. 

holograms on white:

and gone:

and doing the spot pad work:

and top rear spoiler:

Once all refined, I then applied the first layer of Divine:

and with the car lifted to access all areas:

wheels waxed up:

and door shuts:

With everything done for day one, time to go home…..

Next morning, first job was to removed the first Divine layer which had been curing all night:

and the wheel wax too from inners and fronts:

then second layer applied:

last check of the arches and alloys

the chassis given a wipe over:

and the silencer box polished:

then windows inside and out:

interior dusting:

the underside of the bonnet waxed:

engine bay checked and sealed:

the boot or rear cargo area presented:

and the final interior:

and now for the exterior final pictures, both out and indoors with no lamps or camera tricks, just nice straight taking pictures for you 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, Iain

FinerDetails, car detailing/car detailer 10 miles from Manchester City Centre.

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One day Swissvax Detail – Jaguar XK Convertible

August 4th, 2010 Comments off

Here are some before pictures of the car when it was delivered to my unit yesterday:

Starting with the engine bay:

then a look inside at the cream/white leather:

drivers footwell;

next up a look round the fabric roof:

wheels – faces dont look too bad, but look at the inners!

apparently, it has chrome pipes too

I can see why that gets left shut:

and a quick flash of the laser pen to see how the paint fairs…..


The car was booked in for a one day Swissvax detail – interior, engine bay, and exterior with single stage machine polish.

First job was to sprsay some de-greaser on/in to the wheels and give them a good rinse with the arches too.

with the intial attack complete, it was time to get more thorough, so next spray in/on the wheels, and brushes out and scrubbing time:

after wheels, its engine bay and door shuts:

with the wheels, bay and shuts rinsed, time to start attacking the fabric roof:

and this would be left to dwell and soak for now:

and battering of snowfoam:

panel gaps and badges etc:

wash mit, altho having seen the swirls, I think a sponge would have done!

clayed with 3m cleansing clay:

Once all rinsed time to dry:

time to dry the roof:

With the car on the ramp, paint depth gauge readings done, it was time to start the spot pad work and cutting in.



under natural light, the slight is right in the middle if you look closely:


half way:


still going:

thats going to make things better:

with all the spot pad work done, time to hook up a 6 inch pad:

and continuing on around the car:

some deeper scratches too:

now you see me, now you don’t:

once all side panels complete, time to lower the car and hit the flat bonnet and boot:

and at the back, on the boot lid areas:

with the machien work complete, it was time to start the other tasks, keep up people!!!!

Proof the roof:

wax the paintwork – Best of Show:

tar and gluie all wheels, inners and fronts, then wax wheels:

go searching for chrome:

polish glass inside and out:

scrub some hide, I did try to get a 50: 50 here but camera not quite got it as I would have hoped:

once all sealed, mats cleaned, and everything finsihed on the interior:

finish off the engine bay:

then just buff off the wax on the alloys, dress tyres, remove Best of Show, check round, and detail up before capturing some images of a one day’s worth of hard graft!!!

and parked up ready for collection:

thank you for taking the time to read my post, and being part of one day detail by FinerDetails Ltd, car detailer and car detailing in Manchester.


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Has your car been to the bodyshop for a paint repair?

August 1st, 2010 Comments off

I’ve set aside some time each week to try to complete one post – making it a fairly concise write up rather than lots of half jobs showing most of thats week’s jobs.

Before we commence this week’s delight I would like to highlight a few points.  The car in question was delivered straight from the bodyshop.  The job was completed by a mate of the car owner.  The time to complete the job was tight.  The pictures I have taken have been collated in order that I can show the work undertaken by myself, and the transformation to the car.  The pics have not been taken to undermine in any way the work completed at the bodyshop. 

The car is a 56 plate, and has just short of 95k on the clock!

So lets start by shwoing the colour shade of the car, and you can also see the defects on the bonnet already!

just a tad of G3 behind the headlights from a previous buffing….

door tops to show how much dirt was on the car

and just under windows with lots of bogging down dust on top of the dirt, nicely built up in the door shuts too

nice CSL alloys under there somewhere:

that sort of clean bit must be where it was painted

some more g3:

a mask line of overspray on the rear quarter

more g3 splatter and dirt

why bother wiping the g3 off?

more g3

more g3 and an oversprayed exhaust

well at least that was masked up

after washing the car in my usual manner, than on top claying, using 3m cleanser clay:

with the car now washed, clayed and dried, time for some better before pics:

panel under sun gun

under normal light…

some gorgeous buffer trails and swirling

and an area which will require some attention:

First job was the spot pad cutting in, using 3m green pad and 3m fcp

after this, the door pillars:

Once all of the spot pad work was complete, swapped up to the 6 inch pad and started the larger panel areas, drivers door pics:

and then some 50:50 pics on the bonnet:

then back into the wash bay for another snowfoaming, before being dried and left for the morning (well it was 7pm on a Friday night by now!)

back in Saturday morning, and stright into refining with 3m ultrafina:

after this a good coat of Swissvax Best of Show:

wheels waxed

tow hitch and exhaust corrected

glass polished

a curtiousy vac up of the mess left by someone else:

and then a good variety of pictures to show how a car with almost 100k on the clock can look:

Thank you for taking the time to read my posting


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