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New Car Protection Detail

August 26th, 2010

Welcome to an example of a New Car being detailed and protected to retain that new look, and help guard from the elements, both on the exterior, and the interior.

First some pictures showing the car when it arrived at the finerDetails workshop in Rochdale, near Manchester.

The first task for Iain is to start cleaning the wheel arches and wheels:

Next the paintwork is given a throough rinse before applying a thick layer of snowfoam.  Iain uses the foam as its the most effective way to wash the car, and also provides a thick layering to help prevent any swirling of the paintwork:

Next the whole car is ‘clayed’.  Clay bars are used to remove contaminants boned to the surface which washing alone will not remove.  Even new cars need this to be fully prepped ready for the next stage!

After claying, the car is then dried using ultra plush drying towles and air guns to remove any trapped water.

Once dried and checked, the car is moved over to the ramp area where it is machined polished with a cleansing polish.  This is completed to remove any marking from the clay bar stage, and also to fully prepare the paintwork and shine ready for protection.

The protection layer is then added to the paintwork, in this case the customer chose to upgrade to Iain’s sealant.  The sealant will provide around 12 months protection from one application.

The windows are also sealed too

and the wheels:

before removing to a high gloss:

Interior carpets are protected with a fabric guard:

and leather seats also sealed and protected with a specialised leather sealant:

It then just remains for Iain to complete the finishing touches:

and present your finsihed new car, protected and looking its best ready for you to collect.

Thank you for reading Iain’s example of a new car protection detail.  Costs range from £150 to £250 depending on services required. 

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