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Customer testimonial

April 4th, 2011

Car: BMW E91 Touring
Service: New Car Detail

This is really the last car I intend to buy and I was determined to have it detailed properly.

The car arrived early and the dealer was instructed – on advice from Iain – NOT TO TOUCH IT.
When I finally made the collection is was really covered in dirt and general muck ! Never mind I took to Ian’s place a few days later to let him start work.
We went back some hours later and all I can say РWhat a transformation  РIt was everything I had hoped for Рall the mess had gone and I finally had the finish I wanted. He even refitted the numberplates which has been badly fitted!!
I took the car back to the dealership – they had been very sceptical all along – preferring to sell me the BMW seal and protect system!!
I walked into their showroom and took the saleman over to a new car that had just been “cleaned and sealed” ready for a customer – I asked him to feel the paintwork – You could feel the bits of grit stuck – and now sealed to the paintwork.
We then went outside and made the same comparision – my paint was as smooth as silk!
Nothing more was said on the subject

Not finished yet though – final wash and wax top up was done two days later – again a super job – during which I learned a lot on how to wash and wax in the right way

Was it worth it – ABSOLUTELY

Would I recommend it – YES without any reservations whatsoever

If you are buying a new car this is the way to go – Don’t let the dealer near it

Iain did a great job and deserves the reputation he has built up over the years – The pictures speak for themselves

best regards and thanks again for a great job


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