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Car Winter Protection Detailing

October 26th, 2011

Winter is not far from us yet again.  Having your car protected now will ensure the grit and salt doesn’t attack your paintwork.  It will also help to keep your car clean as the protective layers repell the dirt.  Another huge benefit is the durable protection will make washing the car easier as dirt can be removed quicker and with less effort.  A protection detail also includes the interior of the car, helping to ensure the inside looks as good as the outside!  Dont let winter take its toll and your pride and joy this winter!

Labour: Usually 4 – 6 hours.

Cost: £150 – £200 depending on vehicle size, condition and wax used.

Below is an example of a protection detail being completed on a customers car:

for a more detailed look, please follow this link to the Protection page in the services menu:


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