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Range Rover Evoque

November 29th, 2011 Comments off

The dealership contacted me again with regards to preparing one of their cars for a customer of theirs.  The car had been valeted, however, the customer wanted a better preparation and finish to the paintwork so the dealer called me in to undertake another job for them.  The car had a full machine polish and 2 layers of Swissvax Shield wax to maintain the finish.

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Extremely rare and limited offer for December

November 26th, 2011 Comments off

Extremely rare and limited offer for December – book a Swissvax Protection or Swissvax Correction Detail and receive a free upgrade to Swissvax Divine Wax. This offer is limited to just 5 3 2  1 booking  and the Detail must be completed in December. The free upgrade will guarantee the wax used on your car is Swissvax Divine with a retail value of £2100.00. You can contact me on my mobile to arrange this – 07870 503197, thank you Iain.

Last space taken today – all five spaces booked in for Dec, updates and pics of each car will be posted 🙂

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Winter Protection Detail

November 19th, 2011 Comments off

This BMW returned to Finer Detailing this week to have its Winter Protection Detail.  The car has had a Swissvax Wax applied to protect the paintwork over the next few winter months.  I also waxed the alloys, and completed an interior detail on the car too.  Here are some before and after photos to show how it arrived and left….

Winter protection detail cost between £60 and £170 depending on the work required and products requested/agreed to use.  Feel wlecome to contact me on my mobile – 07870 503197 to discuss preparing your car for winter.  Prevent rather than cure – don’t let your car be a victim this winter.


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Mini Cooper S 1 Day Detail

November 15th, 2011 Comments off

This Cooper S was brought to me from a new customer, who having had his Audi TT detailed decided to return with his wife’s car and treat the 9 year old mini to some Finer Detailing TLC.  The car has been owned from new and well cared for.

Below are the photos from the one day detail incorporating the interior, engine bay and full exterior.  The car was washed, clayed, machine polished to remove swirls, a full interior detail of the leather seats, wheels, exhaust and a full Swissvax Wax protection.

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Ferrari 360 Swissvax Detail

November 10th, 2011 Comments off

This Ferrari was booked for a one day Swissvax detail – inlcuding the interior, engine bay, machine polishing and wheels.  The car was a clean car before I started my work.  The owner was truely amazed at the massive transformation to the car – especially the paint work after the two stage machine polish to remove swirls and scratches.

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Major Overhaul – full detail and wheel refurbishment

November 2nd, 2011 Comments off

This Honda Accord (MY06) has just been purchased and brought to Finer Detailing to have a full overhaul and refurbishment work undertaken.

The car has had a full 2 day detail which includes a two stage machine polish to correct the swirl marks, full interior and engine bay detail, brake hubs and calipers painted, and on top of this the wheels have been fully refurbished and painted inside and out.

This has to be one the best examples of how an older car can be brought back to life and made to look many years younger and increase its value.

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New Hot Wash System

November 1st, 2011 Comments off

Finer Detailing Ltd is delighted to be able to confirm that along the internal wash bay facility we now have a hot wash system.  This winter your pride and car car receive a hot wash and rinse from within the coshy safe environment of the unit.

This will enable us to undertake a thorough clean of your vehicle and remove more of that horrible winter dirt.  The hot washer has a professional exhaust system fitted to extract the fumes and allow us to continue our work on your car inside the dry warm unit whilst the Great British weather continues to throw whatever it sees fit at us.

Don’t let this winter be an excuse for you – Finer Detailing has the resources and skills to detail your car you all year round!  Paint correction to rmeove swirl marks and scratches.  Full winter and Swissvax protection details for new cars, and maintenance of the cars Detailed by Finer Detailing – its all going on here!

See you soon.

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