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Some recent Details

April 18th, 2012

Its been a very busy time at Finer Detailing ltd, and that will continue for some time as the diary is booked solid for 6 days a week.  I thought it would be good to show some of the work which has been undertaken recently.

First up is a BMW M3.  The car was booked for a 2 day detail, incorporating a 2 stage machine polish, swissvax wax treatement and also repairs to the worn leather.  There are over 70 pictures for this detail to show how thw 10 year car has been ttransformed during its visit to my workshop.


Next up,  a Range Rover back for a 9 month enhancement detail to keep the paint fresh.  The car was given a single stage light machine polish to remove wash swirl marks and then a layer of swissvax shield wax to help protect the car until its next visit.


Another car returning back for a bi-annual enhancement detail like the Range Rover, this Leon FR below left looking immaculate again:


This E Type was brought to me by its new owner to see how the car could be detailed to improve its condition and provide him with a stunning summer car.  The car was given a full one day swissvax detail – including a full interior leather treatment to restore the faded black leather.  The car was finished with Swissvax Divine wax.


Back to the world of black 4×4’s.  This Merc Benz ML was brought to me by an existing customer following his purchase.  The car was given a one day detail, including interior, engine bay, 2 stage machine polish and Swissvax Shield wax.


And lastly for now…

A new customer to Finer Detailing Ltd.  Having brought the car out of winter storage he wanted the car to have a special treatement and detail to present it ready for the summer use.  The car was given a one day swissvax detail:


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, any questions please feel free to contact me on my mobile.



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