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Step by Step Swissvax Detail – Porsche Boxster

May 1st, 2012

Lets start this blog with some before pictures showing the car on its arrival:

The first stage of the detail is to wash all door shuts, panel gaps and fuel filler area:

The next job is to clean wheels, tyres and wheel arches:

Its then  time to wash and clean the hood, and bodywork:

Next step is to clay bar the car.  This removes surface contamination from the paintwork and prepares the paint ready to be machine polished.

Once all clean, a nice big super soft fluffy drying towel.  Note in the second picture you can see that even tho this towel has been used to dry the whole car, only half of the towel to damp.

With the majority of water removed, a blower is now used to remove water from wheels and panel gaps:

Now inside, and time to dry off the fabric hood:

Cleaning the interior floor mats:

Polishing the glass:

Interior detailing and cleaning:

Time to clean and treat the leather:

Vac out the car before adding fabric guard to the floor mats:

Time to start machine polishing the paintwork to remove swirl marks, fine scratches and other paintwork blemises:

Next step, exterior detailing of wheels, exhausts and tyres:

Once the car has been waxed, final checks and fabric guard added to the fabric hood we can see the transformed car in all its glory:

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