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Limited offer for 5 Details in December – well it is nearly Christmas!

November 30th, 2012 Comments off
As we near the final month of the year again, Finer Detailing Ltd is proud to bring our Festive offer. Limited to just Five December appointments, when you book a full car detail you will automatically receive an upgrade to Swissvax Mystery grade wax – rrp £475. To book your Decemeber appointment contact Iain on 07870 503197.

Your detail will include:

The aim behind Iain’s Swissvax detail is to provide the very best ‘complete’ service using the highest quality products. The Swissvax detail incorporates a single stage machine polish, interior and engine bay work to give a full detail of your car. Upgrades to 2 & 3 stage machine polish are available.

Labour: Usually 1 – 3 days.

Cost: £275 – £750 depending on vehicle size, condition, wax used and level of correction required.


Washing & Cleaning
•Clean wheels and wheel arches
•Clean door shuts, including boot and bonnet edges
•Apply de-greaser to engine bay and rinse
•Wash paintwork and glass on exterior of car
•Remove all tar from the paintwork
•Use clay bar on the paintwork and exterior glass
•Dry all exterior

Preparation Work
•Check and record paint depth readings
•Apply low tack 3M tape as required

Paint Correction
•When added to the boooking, complete machine polishing of the paintwork to remove swirl marks and light surface scratches by completing a single stage machine polish of the paintwork. If your vehicle requires a two or three stage polish extra time and costs will be required.

•Apply Swissvax Cleaner Fluid to the paintwork

•Apply wax chosen by customer to the paintwork

Detail Dressings and Protectants
•Clean and seal all plastics and rubber window seals
•Apply Autobahm Wheel Wax to alloy wheels
•Apply dressing to tyres and wheels arches
•Clean exterior glass
•Clean and protect exhaust with metal polish

•Vacuum all interior removing all dirt and debris
•Clean all hard surfaces, ensuring no dust left in crevices or marks on switch gear
•Clean and prepare all leather surfaces
•Apply leather conditioner to all leather surfaces
•Clean floor mats and protect with fabric guard
•Clean door seals and apply seal feed to dress and protect

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Full car detail on a workhorse dog wagon

November 29th, 2012 Comments off

This Volvo XC70 came to Finer Detaling from an existing customer who wanted his car to be restored to its new look.  The car is used as his company workhorse, as well as being used to carry his two dogs.  We gave the car a full detail which includes the engine bay, interior and the exterior.  The paintowrk received a single stage machine polish, and was protected afterwards with a ceramic sealant to ensure the results will last.  Below are some pictures to help you see the transformation of this car:

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Porsche 911 C4S – Full detail & More!

November 28th, 2012 Comments off

This Porsche 911 C4S came to Finer Detailing Ltd for a full detail, and also to have the wheels removed and the brake hubs restored.   Below are some pictures from the detail showing our work and also the result after pictures.

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Ceramic Paint Protection

November 27th, 2012 Comments off

Finer Detailing are the North West’s only approved Detailing company authorised to apply the G3 Glass Coat to cars, bikes, caravans, motorhomes and commercial vehicles.

G3 Glasscoat Ceramic Paint Sealant offers something no other traditional wax or polymer based paint sealant can offer. G3 Ceramic Coat is a unique high tech crystal system, like a lacquer it bonds into the paint, unlike other wax’s and sealants which just sit on top of the paint. By using such technology our ceramic paint coat offers extremely durable long lasting protection with outstanding depth and gloss but because it bonds into the paint this means it cannot be washed off and only abrasives and sand paper will remove the Ceramic Paint Protection.

Ceramic Paint Coats are naturally more resistant to solvents, weathering, wear & tear as well as the dreaded hand car washes which normally remove your polymer based sealants such as Autoglym Life Shine, Supaguard and Pure Guard sealants.

The unique Ceramic Paint Sealant is applied to the paint surfaces of your vehicle as well as the alloy wheels, glass and plastic trim to give protection no other sealant can offer. This means each surface of your vehicle is protected and simply cleans its self when it rains.

Ceramic Paint Warranty

As the only authorised Detailing Company in the North West we are able to honor a 5 year guarantee as following:
•Protection for your alloy wheels, side and rear windows, plastics and paint work
•5 Year Hassle Free Warranty
•Optional bird lime insurance
•Protects against solvents, sunlight, acid raid & tree sap

The benefits to you include:
•Extremely Hard Wearing to offer a Hard Paint Surface
•Transferable warranty
•Easy to wash and maintain
•Makes driving visibility easier on your windows
•Can Only Be Removed By Machine Polishing

Ceramic Paint Protection Packages

New Vehicles

The ceramic paint protection can be applied to any vehicle at the Detailing Centre workshop and dependant on the work required will take between 4-6 hours.

Prices from £POA

Used Vehicles

As one of the most experienced Detailing Companies in North West we can prepare older/used vehicles to benefit from the Ceramic Protection. An inspection of your vehicle is necessary in this case, please contact Iain on 07870 503197

Prices from £POA

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