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911 nightmare & Evoque rescue

May 14th, 2014

For its weekly mini-valet I took my brand new 911 C4S cabriolet to a local prestigious car dealer that had its own valet bay. Obviously I thought that it was in good hands, that is until the sun started to shine in April and I realised that they had made quite a mess of the paintwork, in just 6 weeks! My £100k pride and joy was literally covered in swirls and squeegee marks. I was angry, frustrated and heartbroken all the same time! I called a mobile valet that I know to come and (carefully) clean the car to assess the damage and he confirmed what I was seeing… it wasn’t pretty. Luckily he knew someone else with a new 911 that had had the same problem and he recommended Finer Detailing to rectify the problem. After meeting with Iain and hearing what he had to say my depression started to lift, and when he actually did the job I became extremely relieved. Job done, back to “brand new” in a 1 day treatment.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Iain to anybody that has paint swirls and other cosmetic marks. In fact, after seeing my car, my brother put his 15 month old Range Rover Evoque in for the same treatment and he is just as delighted as I am.

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