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See this before letting the dealer loose on your new car

November 21st, 2014

The pictures below show the journey of a top of the range Mercedes Benz C63.  The car was valeted and prepared by the dealer, and had a supagard treatment applied.


The car came to us for use to remove all the swirl marks and poor finish  We had to undertake a huge machine polishing task to correct the poor work, and then proceeded to apply far superior protection to the car.  We also protected the wheels, interior and made this new car look better than new!


DSCF8127 DSCF8128 DSCF8129 DSCF8130 DSCF8131 DSCF8132 DSCF8133 DSCF8134 DSCF8135 DSCF8136 DSCF8137 DSCF8138 DSCF8139 DSCF8140 DSCF8141 DSCF8142 DSCF8143 DSCF8144 DSCF8145 DSCF8147 DSCF8148 DSCF8149 DSCF8150 DSCF8151 DSCF8153 DSCF8154 DSCF8155


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