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2002 Audi S8 – a massive turnaround

December 2nd, 2014

I really enjoy the variety of cars that pass through our workshop. Here today we had this treasured S8. having had a re-spray after someone keyed it the owner brought the car to us for some protection work. After inspecting the car, we also agreed to undertake some machine polishing work to see how much we could improve the re-spray. To say that we are delighted with how much we have improved this car is an understatement. Take some time to look at the pictures and just how much work has gone into making this car look so good. It’s days like these that I really enjoy what we achieve! A full two stage machine polish and protection of the paintwork.


DSCF8216 DSCF8217 DSCF8219 DSCF8220 DSCF8221 DSCF8222 DSCF8223 DSCF8224 DSCF8225 DSCF8226 DSCF8227 DSCF8228 DSCF8229 DSCF8230 DSCF8232 DSCF8233 DSCF8234 DSCF8235 DSCF8236 DSCF8237 DSCF8238 DSCF8239 DSCF8240 DSCF8241 DSCF8242 DSCF8243 DSCF8244 DSCF8246 DSCF8247 DSCF8248 DSCF8249 DSCF8251 DSCF8252 DSCF8255 DSCF8256 DSCF8257 DSCF8258 DSCF8259 DSCF8260


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