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A recent customer testimonial

December 12th, 2014

Car: BMW 635d Edition Sport & Mazda CX-7
Service: Full Paint Correction Detail + G3 Glasscoat

I’d been aware of Iain’s work for quite a few years and had often been on the verge of getting a car booked in with him for some paintwork renovation.

I eventually got in touch with Iain when I decided it was time to give our BMW 635D and Mazda CX-7 a refresh and asked him to perform a full paint correction detail with G3 Glasscoat for both cars.

The results are absolutely outstanding and I cannot recommend Iain’s work strongly enough. As you’d expect, his attention to detail is superb and he is always happy to discuss and justify his approach to your vehicle. He is a “no B.S.” sort of guy and will tell you up front what can be realistically achieved.

For those who aren’t sure if the Glasscoat is worth the extra cash, the only thing I can say is “do it!”. It’s been about 2 months since the cars were done, and we’ve seen some pretty grim weather in that time, but the cars have held up amazingly well. The protection is still just as good today as it was the day it was applied – it’s like my car was just waxed yesterday, every day!

It’s surprising how clean the cars come up after just a heavy rain shower, and when they do need a proper hand wash, the job is so much easier as very little sticks to the car – even road tar doesn’t seem to get a foothold. Not only does that make life easier for me, but it also means a much lower likelihood of putting scratches into the car when washing it as very little pressure is needed to clean them and the initial snow foam gets off the majority of the dirt.

Overall I give Iain and the results he’s achieved a definite ten out of ten!


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