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New Car Protection Details – Why?

March 7th, 2016

You have just spent thousands of pounds on a new car.  Why not protect it and help keep it new.  When you’re sat at home, and about to go out into the pouring rain, few of us leave without putting on a coat….

A new car protection detail operates in much of the same way.  Coatings are applied to the paintwork, glass, wheels, and interior to help protect them from the enviornment.  With Gen3 Glasscoat ceamic sealant, youyr car stays cleaner for longer as dirt doesn’t stick to the car in the same way.  Then cleaning the car is easier as the protection helps repell any dirt that may be there.

A typical new car detail takes one day at my unit.  Below are the pictures of a Porsche Cayman.  Brought to me by a repeat customer as the Porsche applied protection wasn’t as good as the Gen3 Glasscoat I applied to his 5 year old Range Rover 18 months previous!

The early pictures show the preparation work, needed to remove the Porsche portection and prime and prep the surfaces for Glasscoating.

De-contamination, a clear liquid that turns red as it desolves grime from inside the paintwork:

Below, the machine polishing pad used to polish and cleanse the paint, shown next to a clean pad to help show how much grime was lifted from the paintwork.

And how a new car should look.  Now white, glossy and easy to maintain.

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