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Two New Customer Testimonials for this month

October 7th, 2017

Car: BMW M240i
Service: New Car Detail

I had never used the services of a car detailer before, but Iain’s workshop set-up looked to me like a well thought out operation that gave me confidence that all would be well.

Iain spent 15 minutes of his time discussing his services with me on the telephone and his knowledge and enthusiasm convinced me to go ahead with the new car detail on my BMW240i.

I was delighted with the result when I picked up my car as it looked fantastic! I would have no hesitation in recommending Finer Detailing Ltd to anyone looking for a professional service for the care of their vehicle.



Car: BMW 320d
Service: Paint Correction Detailing

My BMW looks like it just rolled of the production line Iain is a consummate professional.
I would have no problem recommending his services
He is also a top bloke Thanks Iain.


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We offer specialist car detailing (www.specialistcardetailing.co.uk) here at the detailing workshop in Castleton Rochdale. We have customers from all over the north west, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and beyond. Our car detailing service (www.cardetailingservice.co.uk) is one of the best in the country.

www.cardetailer.co.uk www.cardetailermanchester.co.uk wwwcardetailernorthwest.co.uk


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