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avatarI cannot praise Iain highly enough for his hard work, passion and enthusiasm in the way he dealt with my car. A credit to the Industry and would I not hesitate in recommending his services to anyone that is passionate about their car. What a refreshing change to be able to say that without hesitation. Thanks again.

Phil Cartwright
SEAT Leon - Paint Correction Detail
avatarI have a 16 year old Mercedes that was starting to fade, so I took it too Iain and he explained the different types of polishing etc. Agreed to have the work done and all I can say is WOW, Iain has done a brilliant job, will definitely go back and would highly recommend him. Thanks.

Mercedes Benz 190E - De-oxidising Detail
avatarHaving seen many pictures and descriptions of the work Iain had done to a multitude of cars, and his enthusiasm and pride of each job described in detail, I decided that he was the best person to detail my car. He wasted no time in getting started, and talked me through each step only stopping to let me have a go and guide me to his standard. His work is second to none, and his hard work and knowledge spoke for itself in the results. I would recommend Iain to everyone who wants the best results.

Dave Johnson
SEAT Leon - Paint Correction Detail
avatarWell after being somewhat apprehensive with PC's polishers, polishes, sealants and anything with abrasives in but wanting to lessen some annoying and partly self inflicted swirls I handed my smart Roadster Coupe over to Iain. It's always been shiny as I've tried to keep the wax levels high but I was surprised by how much dirt Iain removed with a simple glaze applied by a PC. This lessened most of the more obvious swirls too. The depth of shine is improved and you see more colours in the reflections (which is scary at times) even though it’s now dirty!!! I would definitely recommend him and picked up some valuable tips. Probably see you next year (though hopefully with less swirls :-P).

Smart Roadster - Paint Correction Detail
avatarI took my car to Iain on the 16th June 2006 for a full on detail. I had some swirling on many panels of the car. Iain and I talked on what he was going to do and what products he was using. Then the work began and to my amazement each stage of the detailing just got better and better, the car looked brilliant. One stage the car looked really wet & shiny and we had not added any polish or wax. Really pleased with all the work that Iain did for me, and I will recommend him to all. Top job, see you again soon.

Steve Sibley
SEAT Leon - Paint Correction Detail
avatarIt must be said that if you want someone to detail your car with an incredible amount of expertise, energy and perfectionism give Iain a call he will surpass all expectations. Throughout the whole day I learned an awful lot especially the claying, and PC techniques and would feel very confident in having a go on my car without supervision from Iain. I must say that if Iain isn’t happy with the effect (and Iain’s standards are tremendously high) the detail isn’t finished!

SEAT Ibiza - Paint Correction Detail
avatarCan I just say what an awesome job FinerDetails did on my car. I thought that a red car could never have that wet look finish that Iain managed to achieve. The other thing that is amazing is that I do a lot of miles in a year (some 30,000) and so the car collects a large number of blemishes such as tar. Iain managed to remove these and de-swirl the car so it looked cleaner than when it left the show room. I enjoyed my day with him and learnt a lot, I think his knowledge is great over what products to use.

SEAT Ibiza - Paint Correction Detail
avatarMy car is 6 year old but I believed in quite good condition with the odd scratch and blemish. Well I booked her in for a supreme detail with Iain. I cannot believe the transformation; the depth of sheen is unbelievable. The paintwork is as smooth as glass. Some of the scratches have been removed (well at least you can’t see them) and others have been significantly reduced (well he does detail the car, not paint it). I lost count of the amount of stages he uses, but he explains what each one does and you see the shine go deeper and deeper after every stage. Will definitely be going back for a top up every now and then and I wholeheartedly would recommend him to anyone. A true professional who loves his work.

BMW 3 Series - Supreme Detail
avatarCracking job by Iain. Had the car looking better than when it first left the factory and shiny enough to dazzle other drivers on the way home. Only issue is it's such a long way to go back for him to do it again!

Volvo S60 - Supreme Detail
avatarI learnt of Iain's passion a few months ago and looking on this website at previous car detailing he has done I decided to book my car in. My paint work had quite a lot of swirls and some deep scratches but could be buffed up to look quite good, but the transformation after Iain had waved his magic was better than I expected. Once talking to him you realised that he is a perfectionist and only the best will do. I will definitely promote Iain’s work to anybody.

Dan Fielding
SEAT Leon - Paint Correction Detail

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