Iain at Work

Iain at Work

Wax Top Up Detail

This particular detail is aimed at the maintenance of a previously detailed car and can be completed monthly or every quarter to sustain the protection and finish of the initial detail. It is also beneficial for those customers looking to valet their cars for an occasion of regular clean.
Labour: Usually 2 – 4 hours.
Cost: £100 – £150 depending on vehicle size, condition and wax used.

Alloy Wheel Protection

New Car Detailing / Ceramic Protection

This details offers protection for your vehicle, paintwork, wheels, glass, and the interior. This detail is perfect for new cars and also re-protecting a previously detailed car in preparation for the winter. It will provide a glossy finish to the paintwork, and protection for your car from dirt, road grim and usage. This detail does not include paint correction to remove swirl and scratch marks.
Ceramic Sealant Ultimate protection – Gen3 Glasscoat Ceramic Sealant upgrade offering upto 5 years protection including a 5 year guarantee.  Unlike waxes, ceramic sealants are considerably more resistant to the harsh gritty environment, offering greater durability.
Labour: Usually 4 – 6 hours.
Cost: £250 – £450 depending on vehicle size, condition and product used.

Machine Polishing

Exterior Paint Correction Detailing / Machine Polishing

In order to truly get the best results from the paintwork, preparation is the key. By booking Iain to remove ‘swirling’ and ‘oxidised’ paintwork the results of the paintwork will be brighter, deeper and the results will last longer. The difference in the paintwork after a paint correction detail can be quite staggering.
Labour: Usually 1 – 3 days.
Cost: £275 – £900 depending on vehicle size, condition and level of correction required.

Swissvax Detail

Full Car Detail

The aim behind Iain’s Full Car detail is to provide the very best ‘complete’ service using the highest quality products. The detail incorporates a single stage machine polish, interior and engine bay work to give a full detail of your car. Upgrades to 2 & 3 stage machine polish are available.
Labour: Usually 1 – 3 days.
Cost: £350 – £1200 depending on vehicle size, condition, wax used and level of correction required.

Swissvax Divine

Wheels Off Detail

The aim of this detail is to raise the bar and offer a higher level of care and service above the Full Car Detail. This detail includes the Full car Detail plus removal of the alloy wheels, refurbishment of brake hubs.
Labour: Usually 2 – 5 days.
Cost: £600 – £1500 depending on vehicle size, condition, wax used and level of correction required.

Maintenance Packages

Finer Detailing is also able to offer regular Detailing Packages to help maintain your vehicle. These packages offer savings over the individual Detail packages and ensure your vehicle is kept looking at its very best.
Iain is able to offer monthly, quarterly and bi-annual packages to suit a range of budgets and requirements. Feel welcome to contact Iain to discuss the options, and which will best suit your requirements and budget.

Tailored/Concours Detailing

For some car owners a specific area may be require for assistance. This is why Iain offers a tailored service, to ensure he can meet your requirements – for example an engine bay detail, or interior only, or even a Swissvax Detail without the paint correction.
Iain has also detailed cars and competed and won multiple car shows. He is able to offer advice and options to help enthusiasts and car owners achieve Concours and Show and Shine trophies.
Tailored and Concours detailing is offered as price on application, please contact Iain to discuss your requirements.