New Car Detailing / Ceramic Sealant Protection

Alloy Wheel Protection

This details offers protection for your vehicle, paintwork, wheels, glass, and the interior. This detail is perfect for new cars (under 500 miles) and also re-protecting a previously detailed car in preparation for the winter. It will provide a glossy finish (if waxed) to the paintwork, and protection for your car from dirt, road grim and usage. This detail does not include paint correction to remove swirl and scratch marks.  The best protection available is a ceramic based sealant.  Altho Ceramic sealants do not provide any enhancement to the finish, the offset on glossy finish so far exceeded by the durability against any wax.   Iain is able to offer this sealant to his customers.

Labour: Usually 4 – 6 hours.

Cost: £200 – £400 depending on vehicle size, condition and protective wax/sealant used.

Upgrades Available:  Paint Correction and Engine Bay Detailing


Washing & Cleaning

  • Clean wheels and wheel arches
  • Clean door shuts
  • Wash paintwork and glass on exterior of car
  • Remove all tar from the paintwork
  • Use clay bar on the paintwork*
  • application of de-contaminate fallout remover*
  • Dry all exterior


  • Apply cleansing polish by machine to the paintwork*

Wax / Sealant

  • Apply wax or sealant to the paintwork

Detail Dressings and Protectants

  • Apply dressing to tyres and wheels arches
  • Clean exterior glass
  • Clean and protect exhaust with metal polish


  • Vacuum all interior removing all dirt and debris
  • Clean all hard surfaces, ensuring no dust left in crevices or marks on switch gear
  • Clean and prepare all leather / cloth surfaces
  • Apply leather protectant to all leather surfaces / fabric guard to all cloth surfaces
  • Clean floor mats and apply fabric guard

* clay bar, fallout remover and light machine polish of the vehicle will remove all surface contamination and allow the cleansing polish to remove inground dirt from the paint prior to the protection of a sealant or wax application. This three stage process incorporating the specialist steps enables wax or sealant protection to fully bond to the paintwork and provide improved protection and appearance.  This is not always required and is subject to each individual car and inspection.

Ceramic Sealant – 5 years protection

It’s complex formulation means that it demonstrates the characteristics of ‘self cleaning’ . Gen3 GLASSCOAT helps new cars retain their appearance – provention rather than cure. It can be likened to wearing a Gortex coat on a rainy day.

Some of the benefits to you are:

  • Vehicle stays clean for longer
  • Vehicle is easier to clean
  • Vehicle is protected from bird droppings
  • Excellent resistance to acid rain, pollution, solvents and road salt.

Gen3 Glasscoat has been extensively tested and through my own experience I can truely say hand on heart this is one of the best products I have ever used!

Gen3 GLASSCOAT exhibits superior cohesion and superior adhesion over waxes and polymer sealants currently on the market.

Below are a couple of short videos showing just how well Gen3 Glasscoat  protection wears. The first video shows the sealant on glass, the second on the paintwork. The car had the protection applied 12 months ago, and has covered 12,000 miles during this time.

Ultimate Protection

Ultimate Paint Protection

Gen3 Glasscoat is idea for new cars.  Coating your vehicle when new will help to retain the look, and give the surfaces a protective layer against dirt, washing, etc.  In my own words, its prevention rather than cure!  Would you go out in the rain without a coat?  Of course not.

Gen3 glasscoat can be applied to older cars also.  In these cases we prefer to undertake a full detail of the car, to prepare the paintwork and restore the finish back to as near new as possible, time and budget dependent.  Many examples of cars detailed and finished with Gen3 Glasscoat can be found in the gallery and blog.  Gen3 Glasscoat is guaranteed for 5 years (Terms and conditions apply)  This guarantee can be offered for vehicles upto 4 years old.  Feel welcome to view the results for yourself.

To discuss Gen3 Glasscoat ceramic sealant please call Iain on 07870 503197