Full Car Detail

Swissvax Detail

The aim behind Iain’s Full Car detail is to provide the very best ‘complete’ service using the highest quality products. The Full Car detail incorporates a single stage machine polish, interior and engine bay work to give a full detail of your car. Upgrades to 2 & 3 stage machine polish are available.

Labour: Usually 1 – 3 days.

Cost: £275 – £750 depending on vehicle size, condition, wax used and level of correction required.


Washing & Cleaning

  • Clean wheels and wheel arches
  • Clean door shuts, including boot and bonnet edges
  • Apply de-greaser to engine bay and rinse
  • Wash paintwork and glass on exterior of car
  • Remove all tar from the paintwork
  • Use clay bar on the paintwork and exterior glass
  • Dry all exterior

Preparation Work

  • Check and record paint depth readings
  • Apply low tack 3M tape as required

Paint Correction

  • When added to the boooking, complete machine polishing of the paintwork to remove swirl marks and light surface scratches by completing a single stage machine polish of the paintwork. If your vehicle requires a two or three stage polish extra time and costs will be required.


  • Apply Pre-wax/sealant preparation to the paintwork


  • Apply wax/sealant chosen by customer to the paintwork

Detail Dressings and Protectants

  • Clean and seal all plastics and rubber window seals
  • Apply Autobahm Wheel Wax to alloy wheels
  • Apply dressing to tyres and wheels arches
  • Clean exterior glass
  • Clean and protect exhaust with metal polish


  • Vacuum all interior removing all dirt and debris
  • Clean all hard surfaces, ensuring no dust left in crevices or marks on switch gear
  • Clean and prepare all leather surfaces
  • Apply leather conditioner to all leather surfaces
  • Clean floor mats and protect with fabric guard
  • Clean door seals and apply seal feed to dress and protect

Typical Photo Gallery

Here is a photo gallery of a Jaguar XK Convertible receiving the Full Car Detail service: