Swissvax Detail

Swissvax Detail

The aim behind Iain’s Swissvax detail is to provide the very best ‘complete’ service using the highest quality products. The Swissvax detail incorporates a single stage machine polish, interior and engine bay work to give a full detail of your car. Upgrades to 2 & 3 stage machine polish are available.

Labour: Usually 1 – 3 days.

Cost: £275 – £750 depending on vehicle size, condition, wax used and level of correction required.


Washing & Cleaning

  • Clean wheels and wheel arches
  • Clean door shuts, including boot and bonnet edges
  • Apply de-greaser to engine bay and rinse
  • Wash paintwork and glass on exterior of car
  • Remove all tar from the paintwork
  • Use clay bar on the paintwork and exterior glass
  • Dry all exterior

Preparation Work

  • Check and record paint depth readings
  • Apply low tack 3M tape as required

Paint Correction

  • When added to the boooking, complete machine polishing of the paintwork to remove swirl marks and light surface scratches by completing a single stage machine polish of the paintwork. If your vehicle requires a two or three stage polish extra time and costs will be required.


  • Apply Swissvax Cleaner Fluid to the paintwork


  • Apply wax chosen by customer to the paintwork

Detail Dressings and Protectants

  • Clean and seal all plastics and rubber window seals
  • Apply Autobahm Wheel Wax to alloy wheels
  • Apply dressing to tyres and wheels arches
  • Clean exterior glass
  • Clean and protect exhaust with metal polish


  • Vacuum all interior removing all dirt and debris
  • Clean all hard surfaces, ensuring no dust left in crevices or marks on switch gear
  • Clean and prepare all leather surfaces
  • Apply leather conditioner to all leather surfaces
  • Clean floor mats and protect with fabric guard
  • Clean door seals and apply seal feed to dress and protect

Typical Photo Gallery

Here is a photo gallery of a Jaguar XK Convertible receiving the Swissvax Detail service:

What is Swissvax?
Swissvax detailing products are made in Switzerland, and have a reputation for quality and precision. Swissvax are true car enthusiasts and collectors for over three generations. Unlike ordinary polishes Swissvax waxes do not contain any abrasives. Swissvax waxes are available for every type of car paint finish. They are equally effective on old laquers as on modern water-based paints.

We all know that the environment is full of chemicals which are harmful to paintwork, from salt on the road in winter to corrosive and oxidising compounds deposited in the rain. Another culprit is the automated car wash, certain brushes of which, whilst making your car superficially clean, leave behind tiny swirl marks and scratches. We correct the paint surface with all the necessary steps to bring it back to its best possible condition – only then do we apply Swissvax carnauba wax which extends the life of your paintwork by protecting it from UV radiation, road salt, industrial fall out, etching, acid rain and just about anything else harmful.

Full treatment of your car can take from as little as one day to up to three days depending on its condition. In addition to the paintwork correction and protection, a full Swissvax detail includes a full interior valet. Caring for your car after treatment is easy and you will find that it soon returns to showroom shine on washing.

By protecting your paintwork and the cosmetic appearance of your car, you are protecting your investment. As Iain has completed the authorised Swissvax training he is able to use the products correctly and achieve the best possible results for you.