Wheels Off Detail

Swissvax Divine

The aim of this detail is to raise the bar and offer a higher level of care and service above theFull Car Detail. This detail includes the Full Car Detail plus removal of the alloy wheels, refurbishment of brake hubs.

Labour: Usually 2 – 5 days.

Cost: £450 – £995 depending on vehicle size, condition, wax used and level of correction required.

  • Includes everything of the Full Car Detaill plus:



  • Removal of alloy wheels for full access to wheels, arches and brake hubs
  • Clean alloy wheel inners
  • Apply Autobahm Wheel Wax to alloy wheel inners
  • Clean and prepare wheel arches
  • Refurbish break hubs and callipers

As the Wheels off Detail is aimed at providing the very best results, using only the very best products the work must be completed at the FinerDetails Detailing Centre. All cars must be inspected prior to any booking by appointment.

Typical Photo Gallery

Here is a photo gallery of a BMW M3 receiving this service: