A One Day Detail Walkthrough Step by Step

Below are the pictures taken during a one day detail.  Whilst the car shown is a Ferrari, this processes, products and quality of our work are the same for every job.  We are not badge snobs, we work on all models of cars and vans, even caravans!

The car when it arrived:

Washing stage:

After an intial rinse, the car is covered in snow foam and washed.  The wheel are cleaned, including inners.  We then de-contaminate the cars with fall out remover.  Drying the cars we use microfibre towels and a warm air blower.

Once moved into our detailing area, the interior detailing commences.  Interior glass polished, debris removed, leather cleaned and protected, interior mats cleaned and protected also.

The next task is to apply the automotive low tack masking tape prior to any machine polishing work.  This protects badges, panel edges, window seals etc.  In our unit we have a ramp to lift cars so we can work on the cars correctly.  We also have specific LED lighting to aid the machine polishing work.

With all the machine work done, the exterior glass is polished. Then onto a IPA wipe down, before applying the protection to the paintwork and exterior side and rear windows.

The alloys are prepped and protected, and tyres dressed.

Any lower areas detailed whilst the car is on the ramp, and exhausts cleaned.

The results! A detailed car from start to finish.

Thank you for looking

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